Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Danielle Vorzimer

How can I make an appointment to be seen for therapy?

You can call me at (818) 714-0345; or email me at: daniellevorzimer@gmail.com.

*The use of email is for scheduling and administrative purposes only.  No clinical services are provided through electronic means.  Please be aware that email communication cannot be entirely secure.

Will insurance cover the cost of therapy?

Some insurance companies will reimburse for therapy.  I would encourage you to contact your insurance representative to determine whether you have such coverage.

How frequently will I be seen?

The frequency and length of therapy varies significantly depending upon your needs and wants.  I typically make recommendations about the length and frequency of treatment at the onset and throughout the therapeutic process.

What is a Psy.D.?

A Psy.D. (Doctorate of Clinical Psychology) is similar to a Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy) in that both recipients can earn licenses as clinical psychologists.  However, there may be differences in the training required to earn either degree.  Training for a Psy.D. degree typically emphasizes clinical applications of therapy and the ability to consume and apply research.  While a Ph.D. in clinical psychology may or may not emphasize therapeutic practice, Ph.D. training almost always emphasizes the ability to conduct research.